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Thank you for your visit. You've landed in my online space and I hope you'll find something that can help or inspire you today. I wish you well.

Here you can find my story, my approach, and ways we can work together, and how I can be a part of your story & journey.

I've also added some well-thought-free resources to support any mental health and well-being journey. And you'll also find topics that I'm passionate about and my take on them in the form of articles.

Taking it one day at a time. With kindness and awareness. And a lot of consistency.

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"With awareness, we have the space of choice.

Joseph Goldstein

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  • Psychology and psychotherapy related content

  • Mindfulness and yogi vibes

  • Tools and ways to create space to return to your authentic self (therapy, mindfulness, mental health support, career guidance)

  • Geekiness and a healthy dose of humour and sarcasm 

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If I don't reply in due time, please follow-up. I like my notifications OFF so I can be ON more in real life. Thank you!

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